Thinking about Landscape Architecture by Bruce Sharky

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Thinking about Landscape Architecture by Bruce Sharky 1

  • Title: Thinking about Landscape Architecture
  • Author: Bruce Sharky
  • Category: Architecture
  • Date: February 2016
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9781138847170

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What is landscape architecture? Is it gardening, or science, or art? In this book, Bruce Sharky provides a complete overview of the discipline to provide those that are new to the subject with the foundations for future study and practice. The many varieties of landscape practice are discussed with an emphasis on the significant contributions that landscape architects have made across the world in daily practice.  Written by a leading scholar and practitioner, this book outlines the subject and explores how, from a basis in garden design, it ‘leapt over the garden wall’ to encapsulate areas such as urban and park design, community and regional planning, habitat restoration, green infrastructure and sustainable design, and site engineering and implementation. Coverage includes: The effects that natural and human factors have upon design, and how the discipline is uniquely placed to address these challenges  Examples of contemporary landscape architecture work – from storm water management and walkable cities to well-known projects like the New York High Line and the London Olympic Park  Exploration of how art and design, science, horticulture, and construction come together in one subject  Thinking about Landscape Architecture is perfect for those wanting to better understand this fascinating subject, and those starting out as landscape architecture students

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