The King of Sting by Craig Glazer

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The King of Sting by Craig Glazer 1

  • Title: The King of Sting
  • Author: Craig Glazer
  • Category: True Crime
  • Date: July 2008
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9781628730142

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He started out as a crook—and ended up busting them—in this true “high-flying, adrenaline-filled story with the feel of the movie The Sting ” ( Booklist ). Craig Glazer’s unlikely story begins back when he was in college and tried to score some weed, only to get ripped off. But instead of walking away the wiser, Glazer—inspired by the gangster movies he always loved—got payback. Aided by his partner in crime, Donald Woodbeck, Glazer set up a fake police sting on the drug dealers and walked away with a lot of cash. Encouraged by their success, Glazer, Woodbeck, and a gang of like-minded ne’er-do-wells began pulling similar and profitable cons all over the country. But when the lifestyle began to get too “messy,” Glazer retired—or so he thought. It turned out the Kansas City attorney general’s office had heard stories of Glazer’s operation, and they wanted him to help take down some of the biggest and baddest drug dealers around. And he did just that—right up until he became the target of an investigation that would bring his world crashing down . . . In this memoir of drugs, guns, and money, Craig Glazer spins a wild, frightening, and funny cautionary tale of a life lived on the edge. “Fans of memoirs set in the world of cons and scams—the books of Frank W. Abagnale, for example—will completely enjoy this one.” — Booklist “A great read. It’s the life I would have lived if I didn’t care about my reputation.” — Kansas City Star “The truth of this story is stunning. It reads like good fiction. Craig Glazer’s life is insane, and this book proves it.” —Lewis Black less Skyhorse Publishing ; July 2008 304 pages;

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