Tea Cozies 2 by Gmc Editors

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  • Title: Tea Cozies 2
  • Author: Gmc Editors
  • Category: Knitting
  • Date: 02/28/10
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: 156
  • ISBN: 1861086598

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This title is a follow up to the hugely popular “Tea Cozies”. You can have fun and fast to work from with easy-to-read instructions of this book. Make beautiful, inexpensive gifts – if they can be parted with! Projects are suitable for all levels of ability as a techniques section explains the basic skills. Tea lovers know there’s nothing better than a cozy to keep a tasty brew piping hot to the very last sip. There’s also no better way to prettify a plain pot or cheer up the tea table. The first tea cozy book was so popular that GMC had to make another! The enduring popularity of the tea cozy makes it the ideal gift or the perfect bazaar item – if you can bear to part with it. This new title features fun and fabulous cozies to knit and crochet. Each design is accompanied by clear instructions and charts. These original designs were created by the readers of “Knitting” magazine. Their great eye for design, colour and nifty skills with needles and hooks are the reason for the brilliantly imaginative variety of tea cozies in this book. show more

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