Maelstrom by Taylor Anderson

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  • Title: Maelstrom
  • Author: Taylor Anderson
  • Category: Fiction
  • Date: February 2009
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 1440698627

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The alternate history saga of The Destroyermen continues… Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy, along with the men and women of the battleship Walker , are once again at war. Having sided with the peaceful Lemurians against the savage, reptilian Grik, they now find themselves scrambling to prepare for the attack that is sure to come. Meanwhile, the Japanese juggernaut Amagi , also trapped in this strange world, is under Grik control. Soon, they will have amassed a force that no amount of fire-power and technology will be able to stop. Reddy, his crew, his allies, and his loved ones face annihilation. But if there is one thing they have learned about their new world, it is that hope-and help-may just be over the horizon…

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