Lathework : A Complete Course by Harold Hall

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Lathework : A Complete Course by Harold Hall 1

  • Title: Lathework : A Complete Course
  • Author: Harold Hall
  • Category: Decorative Wood
  • Date: 18 Dec 2003
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: 165
  • ISBN: 1854862308

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If fear of the unknown is all that is preventing you from embarking on the satisfying hobby of model engineering, then this is the book that will banish your concerns. Author Harold Hall has established his reputation as a mentor to tyro model engineers through the pages of Model Engineer magazine and Model Engineers’ Workshop, of which he was the editor for a number of years. This book assumes no previous experience and using the medium of twelve lathe turning projects will lead prospective model engineers through all of the basic techniques needed to tackle ambitious projects. All of the projects are extensively illustrated and full working drawings accompany the text. Once followed through, the reader will have amassed a wealth of practical skills and a range of useful workshop tools and equipment. show more

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