Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin

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  • Title: Black Like Me
  • Author: John Howard Griffin
  • Category: Biography
  • Date: 10/20/10
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: 200
  • ISBN: 451234219

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THE HISTORY-MAKING CLASSIC ABOUT CROSSING THE COLOR LINE IN AMERICA’S SEGREGATED SOUTH “One of the deepest, most penetrating documents yet set down on the racial question.”–Atlanta Journal & Constitution In the Deep South of the 1950’s, a color line was etched in blood across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Journalist John Howard Griffin decided to cross that line. Using medication that darkened his skin to deep brown, he exchanged his privileged life as a Southern white man for the disenfranchised world of an unemployed black man. What happened to John Howard Griffin–from the outside and within himself–as he made his way through the segregated Deep South is recorded in this searing work of nonfiction. His audacious, still chillingly relevant eyewitness history is a work about race and humanity every American must read. With an Epilogue by the author and an Afterword by Robert Bonazzi show more

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